Admin Features


BooFee Admin is 'God'

Unlike others websites, the Admin account is not 'admin' but 'God'!

The Admin account is used to manage:

  • Users (add, rename, block, delete,...)
  • Settings (default avatar, default news per feed, ...)
Otherwise, the Admin account is also a regular account.

On Users

Change user status

This feature is mainly used to Block/Unblock some users. Why a user must be blocked is under your responsability.

Change user login

Just in case. I have no idea on why a user will ask for his login to be changed.

Change user mail

When a user changes his own mail address, he is not able anymore to receive any information from BooFee. So, upon request, Admin can change his address.

Delete a user

Self explanatory!

On Settings

Host address

Host address is needed for internal use. Do not change. You have been warned!

Webmaster mail

Usualy the same as admin mail. Everytime BooFee send an email, it uses webmaster mail. You can decide to finetune your work by having two different mails.

Allow users to join

After all your users have joined, it could be more secure to prevent outside users to join.

Join is moderated

If you allow users to join, it could be a good idea to moderate the process in order to identify every new user. Otherwise, users can self activate their account.

Allow demo users

You can make it possible for visitors to create auto-activated account to test BooFee. If so, every account beginning with 'demo' like 'demo101' will be auto-activated with 'demo101' password. Demo accounts are deleted every two days.

Default news per feed

You can choose how many news per feed is the default: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50...After loggin in, each user starts with the default but he can change it for the session. I have no recommendation at all for what is the best default!

Upload a new default avatar

You can choose your own default avatar for users at the creation of their account. Then, users can choose their personal avatar.

More Features

Some more features are related to the user account management.

User Account Edit

A user can change his email address or his avatar. An avatar image can be a JPG or a PNG file, about 500x500px.

Export/Backup User Data

A user can get an HTML file of his bookmarks and an OPML file of his RSS feeds for backup purposes. This HTML file and the OPML file can be imported later in BooFee or any other manager.

Import User Data

An HTML file of bookmarks or an OPML file of RSS feeds can be imported in a user account. Of course, exported HTML file and OPML file can be imported back.

Activity Log

Each time a user logs in, he can see his activity (adding, renaming, deleting of topics, sub topics, links, channels, feeds) and any activity related to shared sub topics or channels. The activity log can be sorted by date (default) or user.

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