BooMaMa Features


Collaborative Bookmarks Manager

BooMaMa helps you access your bookmarks anywhere, at anytime on any computer with any browser!

BooMaMa manages bookmarks under topics and sub topics. Sub topics can be shared with other users. A sub topic can contain any number of bookmarks. A search engine is provided in order to retrieve any sub topic or bookmark.
A 1-click button is provided to add an open webpage as a link to BooMaMa!

Main Features

On Topics

You can add, rename and delete a topic. More, you can give a topic to another user in the same group.

On Sub Topics

You can add, rename and delete a sub topic. More, you can move a sub topic to another of your topics, and also share a sup topic with the other users in the same group. You can import a sub topic shared by another user.

Add a link

You can, of course, add a link to any of your sub topics by filling the appropriate form. But BooFee also provides a 1-click button (a bit of javascript code that you can put in your favorites bar of your browser) that adds automatically the current page displayed by your browser to BooFee much more faster than doing Copy/Paste.

On a link

You can rename and delete a link. More, you can move a link to another sub topic and you can add a link to any social network (facebook, twitter, linkedin, ...) thanks to the AddThis component.
You can send a link by email where address has Autocomplete from history.

Advanced Features

BooMaMa includes some powerful features for your daily use.

You can share your sub topics with the other users in your group.

On this screeshot you can see that 'user1' shared his 'News' sub topic containing 8 links and 'user2' shared his 'Music' sub topic containing 5 links. So, in a workgroup, some users can be in charge of providing updated and interesting links to the group.

You can search in your sub topics and links.

On this screenshot, you can see the result of the search of 'DVD'.
The search engine returns sub topics and links. A click on a sub topic brings you to the topic page containing the sub topic, colored in yellow. The same can be done on a link by clicking on its option button '...'.
Autocomplete from history is available in the search field.

You can sort the link in four ways.

On this screenshot, you can see the 4 ways of sorting links:

  • by date created : when you search the last added links
  • by most viewed : when you search the most used links
  • by link text : default sort
  • by link address : to group your links by servers

More Features

Some more features are related to the user account management.

User Account Edit

A user can change his email address or his avatar. An avatar image can be a JPG or a PNG file, about 500x500px.

Export/Backup User Data

A user can get an HTML file of his bookmarks and an OPML file of his RSS feeds for backup purposes. This HTML file and the OPML file can be imported later in BooFee or any other manager.

Import User Data

An HTML file of bookmarks or an OPML file of RSS feeds can be imported in a user account. Of course, exported HTML file and OPML file can be imported back.

Activity Log

Each time a user logs in, he can see his activity (adding, renaming, deleting of topics, sub topics, links, channels, feeds) and any activity related to shared sub topics or channels. The activity log can be sorted by date (default) or user.

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